Mission Statement

The mission of the Louisiana Central Credit Union is to provide an atmosphere of caring by making available to members, of all walks of life, consumer lending services, financial transactions, participation and access to a wide range of insurance benefits and coverage; and to conduct a well-managed and financially sound credit union with acceptance and respect in the community.


Membership in Louisiana Central Credit Union is available to:

  1. All residents (over eighteen years of age) that live in Jefferson Parish.
  2. Employees of Select Employee Groups (SEG’s) that participate with Louisiana Central.
  3. Immediate family members of anyone that is already a member of Louisiana Central, including those by marriage, are eligible to open their own accounts.


  1. Eligible individuals must complete an Account Card (Application for Membership), a Payroll Deduction Card (where applicable—SEG’s), a one-time $5.00 Membership Fee, and two forms of identification (see attached USA Patriot Act document) to join the Credit Union.
  2. Upon receipt of the aforementioned, a member number/account number (one in the same) will be assigned acknowledging membership. The member number/account number is required on all future transactions.


  1. Members must maintain a Share/Savings account balance of $25.00 in order to be eligible for other services offered by the credit union.
  2. Deposits may be made in person at the Credit Union office, by mail, by direct deposit, by ACH, in the night deposit box at the front of the Credit Union Building, or at one of many CU Service Center locations.
  3. Withdrawals may be made in person at the Credit Union office (with presentation of proper identification), by mail, by phone (permitted under acceptable circumstances), by Internet or at one of many CU Service Center locations.


  1. Members applying for a loan must:
    • Submit a loan application and $10.00 application fee ($15.00 for joint application).
    • The loan application fee for a Home Equity loan is $25.00.
    • Loan application fee can be submitted in cash, by check or have the money available in member’s account.
    • Submit a copy of their most recent payroll information.
  2. Members can  apply online by clicking on the ItsMe247 blue box, pick up a loan application from the credit union office,  or by fax.
  3. Completed loan applications may be submitted to the credit union office, by mail, night drop box, or faxed to 504-733-0767.

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